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Dining in the Company of a Frog

or working in the company of a frog? This table is part of a project that continues the limited edition trend that emerged in the last couple of years.

Hella Jongerius celebrates the sculptural quality of design in her latest products, artificial flowers and animal tables, which will be shown in Gallery Kreo in Paris, April 2009.

Jongerius has become known for the way she explores the possibilities and boundaries of both handicraft and industrial techniques and subsequently stretches them beyond the already known.

In this project she has taken yet another experimental step within her career: the celebration of the sculptural quality of furniture - a table has become frog.

frog table by hella jongerius, 2009 (limited edition of 8 numbered and signed pieces)
walnut wood and blue transparent enamel

Масата се казва frog и е създадена в ограничена бройка - 8 номерирани и подписани маси - от орех и прозрачно емайлово покритие в синьо. Тя е част от изложбата на Hella Jongerius в парижката галерия Крео този месец. И продължава тенденцията за създаване на ограничени серии от предмети на дизайна, която започна в последните години.

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