Bathroom Design - Trends 2022

 As my readers know bathroom design is booming in the last years and bathroom trends, quite naturally for a blog like Trendoffice, are one of my regular themes. Now, in addition to coziness, increased colour use and custamization, I find that texture is the trend in bathroom design that will gain popularity for 2022. And I like it! This is another way to add more coziness to one of the most used spaces in our homes:

3D Wall Carve, Atlas Concorde

Greecian White Opus Marble Mosaic


“Haute Couture” for Bathrooms

Bathroom design is one of the most actively changing areas of interior design - we saw a lot of new technologies and growth in colorful new designs:

but this customization and addition of textures is something new:

the first Akron bath on the market - Opal Quiz bathtub; source: archiproducts.com

 "...total adaptability thanks to the cut to size, which allows the product to adapt to every bathroom space, customization with more than 2,000 colours..."

Have a look at Bathroom Trends 2021 for more details.


Vertical Garden - Organic Balcony Gardening

Who would not love to have fresh herbs and vegetables for their everyday meals? Don't have garden? Growing your own organic vegetables even if you live in the city is not such an impossible dream. If you're looking for a unique way to grow your own food, stop thinking horizontally - with a vertical garden you can do it on your balcony, too. Especially vegetables that don’t take a lot of space to grow and produce more are ideal for growing on the balcony. And you can make things easier if you use vertical garden planters like these:

Garden Tower®

The Garden Tower 

With a vertical planter like the one above you can grow up to 50 plants if you have four square feet of space! 

Today there is a wave of innovative ideas for urban dwellers to grow plants and herbs in limited space like, for example, these Green Pockets is the name of these ingenious wall tiles by Maruja Fuentes - an architect and a professor at the International School of Design of the Turabo in Puerto Rico. A great tool for creating a living wall in your home or office. They are also green because they are produced from re-used materials.

Vertical gardens are a stunning addition to any home and I have posted earlier about Urban wall garden with magnetic pots in one of my other blogs,

but they probably have a more decorative purpose, while The Garden Tower seems to be the most compact and practical.

Today space and natural resources have become a very rare commodity, especially in the cities. And, as we continue to stay longer at our homes, may be it is a good idea to think about your own organic garden, at least for part of the vegetables and herbs that you use. Also, vertical gardening is a great way to maximize your living space and enhance the beauty and enjoyment of your home. Vertical gardens are comparatively easy to create, customize and care for and a great possibility for city dwellers to grow their organic vegetables. 


Another Trend from Supersalone

In addition to sustainability - a central theme in this year’s fair - a lot of colour everywhere was another distinctive interior design trend. After the gloomy almost two years without live events designers now respond with rich colour palettes:

Tote by Sebastian Herkner

Arper - Mixu collection

Cielo bathrooms ph. T.Zaharieva

ph. T.Zaharieva

MOM - photo T. Zaharieva
More about Supersalone at my blog Designcommentator: Supersalone shows what the international furniture fair should look like in the future

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