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Special Tiles - Din by Konstantin Grcic

Completely in his specific minimalistic industrial style, but with numersous possibilities for combinations and perfect detailing, the new Din collection by Konstantin Grcic for Mutina are great for interior designers and architects. DIN by Konstantin Grcic develops into the third dimension!

Get some inspiration:

Just by looking at the photos each professional interior designer and architect can see the beautiful new possibilities that this collection allows!


SUPERSALONE Special Edition 2021 Press Conference

The press conference about the coming in September Salone del Mobile just finished. It was very interesting and informative! The 60th Salone will be innovative with different identity. Stefano Boeri,  the curator of this year's Salone del Mobile, presented the main concept. 

It seems there will be a complete change of scenery -  a different layout with no boots. The area will look like a small town with a lot of greenery and pavillions and open to the public as well as to professionals.The proposed format is that of a large design library. One of the main themes will be the possibility to re-use most of the elements in the exhibitions. 

source: Salone twitter

Then some of the co-designers presented the ideas in more details:

Andrea Caputo said "we used the linear meter logic. A sequnce of walls and vertical surfaces will be used."

Maria Kristina talked about 'people curating'  - "there will be three categories of series of meetings - lectures, talks, conversations"

Giorgo Dona' presented the "new unique public spaces; spaces about the history of design and an area dedicated to the future".

Lucas Wegwerth talked about reuse,"to make possible that everything is reused in different contexts, modular kits; sharing materials rather than disposing them".

Aniina Coyvu curator presented "The lost graduation show - Class of 2020/2021" - one large exhibition of design schools and the best graduation projects.

The dinamic logo:

One of the keywords is TOGATHERNESS said Stefano Boeri when closing the press conference.

We are all looking forward to this quite different SUPERSALONE! 


Inspiring New Designs

The sculptural design of the coloured blown glass diffuser is enhanced by the painted metal structure. By freely juxtaposing several lamps, available in the single or double version, dreamlike and bright vertical gardens take shape.Viceversa by Kundalini. Multiple readings for a unique object. A simple rotation and the suspended lamp suddenly makes space for plant elements.

I like modular furniture design - it gives the multiple possibilities our modern way of life requires. This is a beautiful example:

Layout  by Prostoria, source: Architonic

Cassina outdoor Trampoline collection design by Patricia Urquiola - the perfect conversation and relax piece for your patio :)

a coffee table by Max Enrich


Bathroom Trends 2021

 Now, because we are spending so much more time at home, probably the desire to make improvements is pressing? Especially in the warm summer days. We all have found that we need:

more comfortable working spaces

- more privacy spaces and 

- more need of relaxing atmosphere in our homes, 

- and during summer we all long for our cozy private green open air area.

Bathtooms are one of the areas that get more attention in the last several years and today, when we need definitely our space for relaxation at our homes. One way to make them more cozy and inspiring is to use more colours. This is a major bathroom trend and most companies offer new colourful products:

Ideal Standard

antoniolupi Cristalmood_021

Another trend I like is the use of warm colour stones like travertine and not only for bathrooms:
Agnieszka Owsiany Studio
As you can see, it matches perfectly the oak cabinets.

I like especially the combination between travertine and copper:

I have used travertine for two bathrooms for my clients, too:
Studio TemZadesign

Studio TemZadesign


Looking Forward to the September Salone

After being postponed several times, and the resignation of president Claudio Luti, finally the dates 5-10 September have been confirmed and the name of the curator of Milan’s Salone del Mobile 2021 is now announced - architect, urban planner, and president of the Milan Triennale, Stefano Boeri. He is also best known for his vertical forests - high-rise residential towers with planted balconies.

Probably this is going to be quite a different edition - a hybrid event with a new concept, uniting a physical exhibition at Rho Fiera Milano of tightly curated products and novelties of the last 18 months, which will dialogue with the all-new digital platform. In this new form of Salone visitors will also be able to purchase some of the brands’ creations.

photo: Wallpaper

We all are looking forward to this new edition of Salone del Mobile, the world's biggest and most important design event!


Staircase Inspiration

Stairs in the interior design solutions is a challinging problem. They always take a lot of the space and are too bulky as a presence. To makeclever use of space under stairs or to figure out how to 'hide' them is not an easy task. Get some inspiration from the ideas below:

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