Maison & Objet September 2019 - a Glimpse

With less than a month left until the September 2019 edition of MAISON & OBJET we are curious to have a look at what new is coming. One of the news is A space on the theme WORK along with more than 600 new exhibitors. Have a glimpse at some of them:
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Memories and Trends from Euroluce 2019

It happens every other year within Milan Design Week and always the stands are impossible to pass by. Lighting is magic and one of the most effective interior design tools! So, enjoy my findings:
- trends:

Just a few of the trends that I spotted. More details are available on request.

And this final one is for more inspiration :) - illustrating another very popular trend and Euroluce 2019.  Check my other posts on trends and news from Milan Design Week 2019.


Soap as a packaging material

Can you imagine how much plastics we can replace?  
"it is estimated that over a lifetime, a single person uses around 800 shampoo bottles, most of which are just thrown away and pollute the environment taking thousands of years to degrade. 
zhou’s soapack is a sustainable brand that proposes the use of soap as a material to package shampoo and other toiletry products. the packaging itself can be used as soap and completely disintegrates when used, leaving no plastic residue behind.designboom
mi zhou is a post-graduate student at central sant martins and developed this project for the material futures program. soapack was exhibited in the degree show during june 19-23, 2019.
 Another proof that design can save the world :)


Agape - Rigo by Patricia Urquiola - elegant customization

This new bathroom series is a perfect example of the trend of bathroom customization,  elevated at a high sophistication and luxury level. As usually Patricia Urquiola has an elegant and practical feminine approach that allows users to have the most beautiful modern bathroom created according to their own requirements.
"Rigo is a bathroom furniture system closely inspired by architecture."
agape rigo
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"Refinement" @ Agape12 – Milan Design Week 2019  design Patricia Urquiola


Patricia Urquiola creates a personalizable cocoonlike working environment

With her new collection Cabana Lounge system for Haworth presented at NeoCon 2019 Patricia Urquiola creates a personalizable cocoonlike working environment:
Cabana Lounge can be configured with tables for added functionality. ⠀⠀
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Cabana Lounge can be configured with tables for added functionality
Image result for Cabana system for Haworth
source: Spencer + Company

Patricia Urquiola haworth cabana
Cabana Lounge system by Urquiola with padded privacy panels and power outlets for Haworth
Office workers can find calm and quiet in Cabana’s highly configurable modules, which are debuting at NeoCon 2019. “The office is no longer thought of as a division of space, but rather a landscape of places for possible moments,” explains Urquiola. source: Metrolis
Haworth showroom in Chicago, source: Wallpaper
 Trend alert: softness and comfort, blurring the line between the work and home environments - this is how the modern office feels today.


Outstanding works at Milan Design Week 2019

One of my favourites at this year's Salone - not just great design, but also very comfortable :)
Fl@t by Martin Balendat for Tonon

Alba Tramonto vases
Piazza Del Popolo Celestial line by CORALLA MAIURI
Many great designs I saw at Rossana Orlandi's gallery (my photos - not perfect, but good enough to show :) :
Pankalangu wardrobe by Trent Jansen 

 Curved chaiseby Anna Karlin

Interdependence Bench II by South African furniture studio Houtlander
Sebastian Cox
Just afew - more can be seen in my other posts about Milan Design Week 2019.

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