A trend from 2023 that will continue in 2024

For sure one of the several trends that we saw at Salone del Mobile this year that will continue to be topical in 2024 and further is PORTABLES - almost every lighting company in Milan showed their proposal for portable lighting, but most impressive was the collection presented by Tom Dixon.

The big highlight this year are the new portable lights, all inspired by existing Tom Dixon designs. We have four colours in the melt version and the baby bell (shown above). They are all IP44, so suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They are dimmable and we have worked really hard to ensure they are properly engineered, in the material and functionality. You can expect to get between 8 – 9 hours of battery life.’

Bell portable

Ambientec at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023, ph. Francesco Merlini

Lady D by Karman, my photo

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Trend: Nature Everywhere

As my blog's name suggests, trends are an important theme of my posts. And one of the main trends in our contemporary way of living: the wellness industry reaching an all-time high with a continued growth of consumer interest in health and wellness. That is so logical - because we all want to live in a healthy world and be well. So, we must design and create the conditions under which this becomes possiblе.

And as we learn more and more today, we gradually return to the basic natural resources - in furniture design we understand that it is better to use wood and cork in a sustainable way, rather than trying to replace them with artificial materials everywhere. Another area where we observe a growing interest in nature - in fact, a return to ancient traditions - is medicine and healthcare. According to many reports the trend is that natural medicine and the science of nutrition will stand at the forefront of the healthcare. 

Arnica montana

We are focused on the design and innovation of medical technologies, products, service systems and human experiences to solve a variety of healthcare challenges. On the other side, shoppers in particular are growing more critical of ingredients in traditional over-the-counter products. And they are seeking out more herbal and botanical additives, with an increase in usage from 13% to 25%, according to a recent research. Conventional pain relief methods, for example, frequently involve pharmaceutical drugs or medical interventions. While they offer quick relief, they are sometimes accompanied by extreme side effects or the risk of dependence. 

In addition to ingredients found in nature, customers are also looking for transparency in ingredient lists and clean ingredients, analgesic that offers clean, safe, and effective relief for a variety of aches and pains. When it comes to pain relief, people are also looking for alternatives to ingestible medications, for topical over-the-counter pain relief products like, for example, arnica cream.  The active ingredients in Doctor Hoy’s Arnica Boost Recovery Cream are listed as topical and external analgesics by the Food and Drug Administration. The formulas used are water-based and contain no parabens or toxins.

Another interesting trend - many people that are looking for safe ways to manage their pain, trying to take care of themselves, or rely on caregivers, at home, for as long as they can. Easily accessible and safe topical over-the-counter pain relief products enable consumers to lead active and pain-free lives. 

Everyone is talking about sustainable, equitable, healthy, and resilient design - of products and services directed to our everyday needs, including furniture and furnishings, cloths, food, healthcare... 

"DESIGN WITH NATURE" exhibition  at Salone del Mobile

I have posted a lot about cork in interior design - one of my favorite materials. Wood has been an all time favorite for furniture, only now we look for wood coming from sustainably managed forests. Bamboo's application areas are wide, including clothes and textiles.

Biophilic design is probably one of today's most likes trends in interior design - for the same reason: we want to live with nature everywhere around us. А beautiful example is this bathroom design:

Marca Corona

Considering even only these few mentioned areas of our lives, we should say that actually, Nature is not a trend at all, but a necessity and a true need of the human being.

Have a look at another trend from 2023 that will continue in 2024.


Cersaie 2023

  Some of the interesting designs and products:


Quintessenza Ceramiche


сн. Interioro

A garden in the bathroom is not a new trend, but it is getting stronger:

Ceramiche Mariner 


"Еnjoy the social experience"

This sofa is a good expression of My Idea of Coziness, but coziness in company:


"Ergonomic, rounded forms invite you to let go and enjoy the social experience" Lago

Happening sofa - Lago

And here is another, more elegant example:

the new Aldora Vis a Vis by Cristina Celestino

Just two series of  perfect modern  pieces of furniture with multiple applicationsAren't they all so inviting?


Inspiration from Helsinki Design Week

Helsinki Design Week is the biggest design and architecture festival in the Nordics.The festival theme for 2023 is Once upon a time. 
What I am impressed with is the craftsmanship and elegance of these wooden furniture pieces: 


The Collection Kakkonen exhibition at EMMA breaks the boundary between art and design and tells the story of Finland


Woven Works


The perfect lighting for entrances, hallways and stairs!

 Have you thought about how important it is to have the best possible lighting at these areas of your home? Here are several reasons:

1. We often have to enter our home at night and good lighting is an obvious necessity for safety reasons.

2. We need good lighting especially if there is no natural light streaming in.

3. It is the first thing that visitors see. If you have beautiful lighting, you will create a great first impression and make your guests feel welcome.

But in addition to these obvious reasons, you have to think how best to plan the lighting for your entrances, hallways and stairs. It is also important to keep in mind that proper choice of lighting can save money on your bills as well. 

First, lights that come on automatically when someone else approaches can save energy and at the same time improve your home security. It will also make you feel safer as you unlock the front door. 

Second, halogen lighting for spotlights and hallway lights is cheap to run. And it is environmentally friendly and durable, too.

Another alternative are LEDs...

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- this is my guest post at Mix and Chic. I am available for writing articles on lighting, as well as everything connected with interior design.

Alfrede floor lamp

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