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Stockholm Design Week 2021 - a Glimpse

Established as the most important week of the year for Scandinavian design since its launch in 2002 together with Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, Stockholm Design Week takes place this year  from 8th to the 14th of February in a hybrid form. 

Have alook at some of the new designs:

Savoa by Swedese

Hem Toogood Puffylounge Chair 17 foto Heiko Prigge

Easy chair by Offecct photo Bjorn  soder

Lammhults Corso design Peter Andersson Foto Erik Lefvander


Romantic Bedroom Inspiration

I know a very good source of inspiration for bedroom design - yes, hotels, you guess. But not all hotels, only those that have a good designer's touch.Like this one:
 Fogo Island Inn

Or such that offer unexpected coziness:
Reiulf Ramstad Architects' V-Lodge (source)
But what can make an instant change of atmosphere in the bedroom is the set of romantic bed linen, inspired pillows, lighting, candle lights, accessories  :)


Purple Rain

If I had to choose a Colour of the Year 2021 I would for sure choose PUPLE! Many reasons for that - and all the world saw already the beginning of this trend during the inauguration yesterday:

source: twitter

I am sure many will follow. But as we know there is a lot in common between fashion and interior design and my readers have seen so many examples here in my blog. We saw Patricia Urquiola's new armchair and sofa at Milano Design City:
Wallpaper and Colour of the Year 2021 | Graham & Brown

If you follow the posts of the official page of Salone del Mobile on facebook, you must have, like me, come to the impression that we are obviously going to see a lot of  purple, pink, violet colours in the coming 2021 in our homes - and probably at its 60th edition from 5th to 10th September 2021 @ Rho Fiera Milano. I like the idea, because they will for sure improve the mood and create additional optimism, which we stronly need.
A very good example is this pink kitchen:

As the first female Vice President in the United States, Harris is blazing a trail in many ways, many people will follow this choice of colour. And, as astrologer Gahl Sasson writes, 
"Why purple? Well, the politically correct answer is that it offers a message of healing, compromise, and the need for unity. Perhaps to invoke the suffragette, whose banner was purple. But there is a deeper message, as always is the case. Purple is the color of...Aquarius. "

 The hue is not just a message of unity - it has a lot of other symbolic meanings and it seems, after a very heavy year for all of us, purple may be the colour that will bring change.


Happy New Year!

 And let's continue to make beautiful things for our homes and all environments!

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