Mamma Mia 2 - Hotel Bella Donna Style

I am fascinated with this design - have you noticed the atmosphere in the hotel rooms? I am sorry that I could not find enough photos to show it, but I think even those few are enough to make you want to stay there:
Hotel Bella Donna

You can have a 360 degrees walk through some of the spaces within the set of the hotel. Here are some shots:
The spa
The stairs are so beautiful!
But what I liked most is this room:

Look at the details and colours - great set design! Set design is often one of the most important details in a film and in Mamma Mia 2 most of it in all locations is so beautiful! This and the impressive way Cher presented the famous ABBA song Fernando are good enough reasons to see the film.


Luxury interior design in London by Patricia Urquiola

Soft elegance, sophisticated luxury and beautiful colour scheme - this what we see from these  computer generated images for The Lincoln Square development in Bloomsbury, due for completion in February 2019.
source: Wallpaper


 As the designer herself explains, her project for the public areas of a residential scheme on Lincoln Square is a crossover between domesticity and public space. It is a high-end development, with the expected five-star facilities, communal and amenity space, including the private dining rooms, cinema and hotel-style lobby.
CGI of dining room

Instead of a members’ bar, residents have their own elegant library. 

To mark the opening of the new luxury Lincoln Square development in the heart of Londonworld-renowned designer and architect Patricia Urquiola has designed a limited-edition handmade sand timer.

I am looking forward for more images from this elegant project. How do you like it?


A Kitchen Dream - Cooking Table

I think that this is the perfect solution if you have a large kitchen space and would like to have your dining table there, too:
Cooking Table by next125
It can fit comfortably 6 people for breakfast or dining and is within reach for easy serving :) 
How do you like it?


Make yourself comfortable

As interior designer and a Taurus with attitude to good quality, beautiful design and comfortable living I know quite well how to make your home the most inviting, cozy and comfortable place. And I follow all the new designs that appear allover the world. Here below is my inspiration collection of dining areas that can make you seat for hours with family and friends:
Milan Design Week 2018 - Wittmann. Photography © Nick Hughes/ Yellowtrace.

This renown designer table by Jean-Marie Massaud for B&B Italia makes a functional, inspirational and comfortable dining area, Line Architects 
Milan Design Week 2017 my photo
My design
It is not necessary to buy the most expensive dining furniture in order to be comfortable and to feel the coziness of homey atmosphere in the dining area. The example above is one of our favourite areas for meeting friends and celebrating - it is made to order for the specific area and can comfortably seat more than 8 people when the table is extended.
What unites all these dining areas is the designer solution - so, when in need of ideas and interior innovation help, don't hezitate to ask a designer. The best results come from the combined efforts of the owners and the good interior designer.


A Bathroom Like no Other

Have you thought that we may have a bathroom with completely different forms of toilets and washbasins than the standard ones we are used with? If you want to be different from anyone else even with your bathroom design, then look at what the student from  Beckmans College of Design Liga Bulmiste has designed:
"Nature’s own forms and colours have been a powerful source of inspiration in creating these objects. Perfection of design already exists in nature and so I do not want to try to create new forms, but have borrowed and been inspired by rocks, sand and wind. I want to provide an earthy, calm and beautiful room to live and to breathe in."

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