Clever Design - a Growing Bookcase

Corner bookcase / contemporary / plywood INCANTO by Marco Ferreri Adele-C
INCANTO by Marco Ferreri, source archiexpo.com

Corner cupboard / bookcase that opens, made of marine plywood with natural birch veneer on the inside and painted in cobalt water blue on the outside. The central metallic element, varnished with cobalt blue powder, represents a graphic sign when the corner cupboard is closed at 90° and is revealed completely when opening it up to 180°.
How do you like it? I am a big fan of clever design. I have a good collection of such great designs and cool ideas in this blog. Enjoy!


Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2018 is Caliente AF-290

In the last couple of years the choice of colour of the year has become an interesting theme in the world of design and fashion, but we are seeing many companies doing it and with different choices, of course. It happened also that they chose several colours or a palette of colours, which, according to me, could be good, if they were not so numerous :) So, now I am glad to share the single Colour of the year 2018 announced by Benjamin Moore - a beautiful red named Caliente AF-290:
"NOSTALGIA gives way to fresh, energetic hues..."
"Caliente is the signature color of a modern architectural masterpiece; a lush carpet rolled out for a grand arrival; the assured backdrop for a book-lined library; a powerful first impression on a glossy front door. The eye can’t help but follow its bold strokes. Harness the vitality.” 
—Ellen O'Neill, Benjamin Moore & Co.

A pile of well-worn sunhats sits on a wooden chair against a red hallway wall next to an open front door.

A red tulip chair faces a white room featuring a red mobile and French doors with views to greenery outside.

How do you like it?

What do you think of these so many trending shades for 2018? If you have not read about the other trending colours, read this article by Domino. What I consider worth following is a more general trend in interior design - like the pastels trend or the coppper trend, because they give you a more real information about what will be trending in the coming years. These are stable trends that have formed the design scene of the world for several years and for a very good reason - check my posts to see why.


Fabric effects - IKEA’s collection VÄSSAD, Inspired by and Completely Produced in Bulgaria

IKEAs new collection VÄSSAD that is going to be launched this month has been completely created at Bulgarian production facilities. Today the lead designers of the collection Kunt and Mariane Hagberg presented the collection at Generator and shared additional information on what inspired them to create it.
The exhibition and the presentation was organized by the Bulgarian Studio Komplekt.

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IKEA VÄSSAD storage unit with 4 boxes No assembly required.
IKEA VÄSSAD rug, flatwoven
Image result for ИКЕА VÄSSAD
A light-weight, decorative wool blanket inspired by traditional Bulgarian Rodopa blankets


Cersaie 2017 - the Retro Trend Continues

Vintage-inspired looks, colors, shapes, and patterns inspired by 20th-century pop culture and art, '70s style, old graphics...
Ornamenta Manifesto
Ceramica Bardelli @ Cersaie_photo by Archiproducts
Trace_Touch Collection
TRACE Touch Collection from GLAMORA

Milleluci exhibition 


PAD London 2017

PAD, London’s leading fair for 20th Century art, design and decorative arts starts today and is hosting 68 art galleries:
Image result
Pair of Prefacto Monsieur and Madame Armchairs by Pierre Guariche,  DIMOREGALLERY

'JinShi Pink Jade Coffee Table' by Studio MVW

Hella Jongerius Dragonfly Coffee table Green ©Sylvie Chan-Liat Courtesy Galerie kreo
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