The magic of wallpaper

It can reinvent your bathroom:

Photo by Ann Lowengart Interiors
or kids'room:

source: archiproducts.com
This last one is even reducing the sound and echo. Modern wallpaper can do a lot more that decorate your home, which is very important, too. Have a look at an example:

Distressed Gold Leaf Wallpaper design by Tempaper Distressed Gold Leaf Wallpaper design by Tempaper "The art of a hand-applied finish put into repeat for your next design project. Distressed Gold leaf has the right amount of shine and metallic, and will enhance your space with a pristine look.  Features: Self-Adhesive / Repositionable / Temporary Wallpaper Match Type: Straight Repeat: 20.5 Roll Dimensions: Sold as a double-roll covering approximately 56 square feet (20.5 in. Wide x 33 ft. Long). Tempaper is self-adhesive, ""peel-and-stick"", temporary wallpaper that eliminates the need for paste or water. Simply remove its backing and adhere to a smooth, primed and painted surface. Just peel off to remove. It is fun and high-impact decorating for those who do not want to make a long-term commitment to a permanent design or renters who can't! If you choose, Tempaper can be a part of your home design indefinitely.It is recommended that you apply Tempaper to surfaces that have been painted with an eggshell or satin finish. Applications on matte or flat paints are not recommended. You may apply Tempaper in bathroom spaces. Indirect moisture will not affect Tempaper's performance."
Distressed Floral Wallpaper in Grey and Metallic Copper design by Tempaper

Distressed Floral Wallpaper in Grey and Metallic Copper design by Tempaper
Distressed Floral Wallpaper in Grey and Metallic Copper design by Tempaper


Is upcycling or recycling always worth our time?

"An exhibition that took place this month as part of the Designers’ Open festival in German city Leipzig showcased the possibilities of upcycling, which is recycling’s even more sustainable little sister – the act of converting old clothing, materials and furniture into new things, without the need to destroy it and completely restructure it in the process, as recycling requires." (designweek.co.uk)
source: designweek.co.uk

Well, some of the products may be great, but do we consider the cost of our labour when doing this upcycling? Can you imagine how much time is required to collect and then connect those cork pieces into just one piece of furniture? The table is great, but the armchair to the right is hardly comfortable for use.
On the other hand, I like very much the elegant line of those honeycomb cardboard furniture pieces by German designer Björn Bernt that for sure have been created for less time, but I am not sure how safe it is to use the chairs:
designer Björn Bernt

I have a lot of posts about the way we recycle and re-use materials and products, and you can find many beautiful examples there, but we must ask ourselves: are the results of recycling and upcycling always worth our time? Will they last enough in order to invest our time in creating something not so beautiful or useful? Isn’t it better to change this “fast fashion” trend into a better and more thoughtful design trend?
What do you think?


Elegant Terrazzo - the Flint Collection

Another one from my favourite new designs from London Design Festival 2018:
the Flint Collection by Joyce Wang Studio

Perfect for the livingroom, for the bathroom, for outdoors... and so beautiful! Terrazzo is the material that will continue as a trend in 2019, too.


Cork Furniture

Cork is one of my favourite materials for my interior design projects. I have used it as a floor material and I have seen a lot of other applications, but whole furniture made entirely of cork is rare. Now we can see that Campana brothers have created an interesting collection of cork furniture, "Sobreiro", for furniture manufacturer Época and Amorim, the largest producer of cork in Portugal:
Cork armchair, Photo: Nuno Sousa Dias © Estudio
Photo: Nuno Sousa Dias © Estudio
I would like to be able to touch them - cork has such a plesant surface. How do you like them?


Maison et Objet September 2018

My choice of beautiful and interesting new designs:

B&B - EDA-MAME, design Piero Lissoni 

DAM - cork stools
SUGO CORK RUGS - source: Archiproducts 

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