The last day of 100% DESIGN

Today is the last day of 100% DESIGN. Let's have a look at some more inspirational designs:

Box 15
Rho Grey White
Kast Concrete Basins 
Made By Architects 


For the Fashion Inspired - Trends SPRING 2017

Fashion and interior design have a lot in common, as my readers have seen already, because this is one of my favourite trends and I regularly publish new examples. We can see this relation continuing in the next season in some photos from the latest fashion events:

Gucci Spring 2017 - do these ruffles and rich colours remind you of luxury home textiles and decorations?
Another popular trend for several years already, both for interior design and fashion is the lacy look:
Simone Rocha spring/summer 2017
"Frills. Embroidery. Layers. Pleating. Lace. Ribbons. Pull-cords…"
Elaborate Dresses at Erdem:
But one trend from recent runways that I like very much are stripes:
Diane von Furstenberg

If you want to see more examples of how Fashion borrows from interior design and the opposite - 


London Design Festival 2016 has begun!

Featuring over 400 events across 9 days London Design Festival is probably the second most important event in the field of design for the year competeing with Milan for the name design capital of the world. 
As always, you can find some of the most interesting new designs from these events here on my blog.

Architect Alison Brooks’ Landmark Project for the London Design Festival - a 34m long, 3m high upside down arc poised on the urban horizon. Her project is also a spectacular urban pavilion that takes the shape of a Smile.

Amy Kent Bespoke Rugs - 'Morocco' - hand knotted (150 knots) wool and art silk
A lot of beautiful handmade designs:
Angus Ross tables
Angus Ross


Rolla, Ann Kristin Einarsen

HOLLY HUNT  - ‘American Design in London’
Inspired? New designs will follow soon.


100% Design - a glimpse

100% Design is fast approaching - only a few days left. Let's have a look at some inspiring designs for inspiration:

MUSK by: Bow & Arrow

Ornithological sketch Cabinet by: Mineheart

Lampyridae Lamp by: Monica Correia Design

by: SPIRIT Slovenia



London Design Festival

Еvery September the London Design Festival celebrates design. This year, Design Week are hosting several events during the festival, including a panel talk on building brand awareness featuring NB Studio creative director, Nick Finney, a discussion at Design Junction called Dyslexic Design, based on an exhibition of the same name, a panel talk about the future of packaging, and a session with Supergraphics founders, Eva Kellenberger and Sebastian White. This year  100% Design has increased its exhibition space by 20 per cent. Have a look at some interesting new designs that can be seen: 

Fluorescent wallpaper by Elli Popp, from £150per sq metre, ellipopp.co.uk
Fluorescent wallpaper by Elli Popp
Jester corkscrew by Marcel Wanders, £800, harrods.com
Jester corkscrew by Marcel Wanders
100% Design 2016: OLED Light by LG Display, designed by Ron Arad
 OLED Light by LG Display, designed by Ron Arad
Swedish Design Pavilion at London Design Fair london design fair Swedish Design Pavilion at London Design Fair Swedish Design Pavilion at London Design Fair 4

Swedish Design Pavilion

Kepi armchair by Saba