A dream vacation home

created by studio  Block722
Beautiful entrance and minimalistic interiors with natural materials and a lot of good taste:

But what impressed me more are the cozy outside areas:


All Things Concrete

Concrete is a trendy material our days - we see it everywhere - even on the table, as wallpaper, as lighting. If you want to be trendy and buy yourself something inspiring made of concrete, here below is my selection of things that I myself would use with pleasure in my interior design projects:

We Are Well Made Concrete Bench #2

Did you find your inspiration?


Clever design - unusual switch system :)

HENG, design by Zanwen Li
HENG is the name of a series of lamps "breaking the traditional way to turn on lamps. The two balls in the wooden frames serve as switches of the lamps. As we raise the the lower ball, the two balls would be drawn together magnetically. They would float in the air and when they reach a balance, the light would be turned on. This new way of interaction brings joy to our monotonous life."
Brilliant solution:

How do you like it? I expects more awards and many buyers :)


Industrial furniture in modern styles

Are you looking for something unusual, different from the sleek modern designs for your home or office? Then some rough luxe design or industrial style designs may be of help:
Vintage Time Traveller Chest of Drawers Vintage Time Traveller Chest of Drawers
Denim Breakfast Bar Stool Denim Breakfast Bar Stool Artless Hardwood chair Artless Hardwood chair   Quirky Industrial Shelf Unit Quirky Industrial Shelf UnitBike Stool Bike Stool Handmade andreclaimed from Old bike parts.200 (USD) 166.66 (USD)
These you can match with the  Bike Desk Lamp:
Bike Desk Lamp

Tasker Lamp Tasker LampDevalle button  chair Devalle button chair - Retro Chesterfield style design!

Cool retro funky shaped like a racing car seat
Shabby French Multi Colour Style Chest of Drawers Shabby French Multi Colour Style Chest of Drawers
Arc Floor Lamp Modern Retro Arc Floor Lamp Modern RetroNew York Loft Drum Cabinet New York Loft Drum CabinetWhite Bricks Wallpaper White Bricks Wallpaper - Bring a touch of industrial New York to your home or office with our stunning Loft style apartment 3d brick wallpaper. Made from high quality paper and very easy to hang. Umbrella Coat Peg Umbrella Coat Peg
Love Heart Love HeartThe Tube The Tube - this one is also on trend with its copper finish.

Did you see your inspiration above? I did :) Sometimes even one accent piece works well. But check often - more cool ideas will follow.

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