A lot of marble and copper

Designers are more and more working with traditional old materials. We saw that at Milan last week, too.

Contour Dining Table by Bower -  Sight Unseen OFFSITE 2015 

Marta Sala

‘foiLED again’
Joa Herrenknecht
Studio Pepe's Ossimori collection
“Ossimori,” ©Studiopepe. Photos by Silvia Rivoltella 

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Unusual designs at Milan Design Week 2015

I like these artistic and unexpected design solutions presented at Salone 2015:

Kenneth Cobonpue for Hive (source)
Inspiring and inviting, making you think of the endless possibilities design can offer for our everyday living.
Thomas Elliott Burns for Axor
 How do you like this unexpected combination of tap, shelf and mirror all in one?
Grid sofa/daybed by POOL for Petite Friture | Flodeau.com #MDW2015
"Grid sofa/daybed by POOL for Petite Friture  – a design that combines a pure graphic outline, simple geometrical elements and a modular design" (source)Grid sofa/daybed by POOL for Petite Friture | Flodeau.com #MDW2015


Тrendy material

Which is one of the most trendy materials in current interior design? I will tell you which is the second most trendy one (for the 1st most trendy one my regular readers will  know :) or can find if check my most talked about trends lately) - the second one is cement tiles. We saw some interesting new collections at Cersaie last September and now Bisazza is expanding its collection with clever new designs that allow numerous combinations. They were presented at Salone del Mobile and are designed by French architect and designer India Mahdavi .
C:\fakepath\Bisazza Contemporary Cement Tiles Pill Cocktail Design INDIA MAHDAVI
Bisazza Contemporary Cement Tiles Dot Design Design INDIA MAHDAVI
Bisazza Contemporary Cement Tiles Butterfly Design INDIA MAHDAVI(1)
You see how many possibilities with just one pattern and several colours?
See more beautiful designs with the cement tiles in my earlier post.
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Today's Inspiration from Milan Salone 2015

Bold sofa by Urquiola - a little disapointing, but interesting

Bisazza has extended its handmade 'Cementiles' line with a new '70s-inspired collection by French designer India Mahdhavi
source: http://www.wallpaper.com/v2/salone-del-mobile/2015#OViOfSxTa4CULlpw.99

 'Concertina' chair by Raw Edges
And an interesting idea:

'Chapel' lights with a black spun dome and stained glass window diffusers

Read more at http://www.wallpaper.com/v2/salone-del-mobile/2015#OViOfSxTa4CULlpw.99
Patricia Urquiola, Lilo armchair, Moroso

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More new designs from Milan

Loop Chair by Markus Johansson
The Loop Chair by Markus Johansson
Markus Johansson creates fibreglass Loop Chair from a 3D-printed model

"Patricia Urquiola photographed among her furnishings for Agape and Coedition: the Lariana bath by Agape, made of white Cristalplant®, and Coedition’s Luna cabinet, a combination of walnut and lacquered MDF' (source).
Patricia Urquiola, Cuna bath by Agape
B&B Italia
Scholten & Baijings for Herman Miller
Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings 

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