Interview with TrendOffice on Floor Coverings International

I am happy to share that I, as owner of Trendoffice Interior design Consulting, was asked to answer several questions by Floor Coverings International about design in general and trends in design. I think that my readers will find it interesting to read the Interview with TrendOffice on their blog. Here below is the beginning:

"At Floor Coverings International Ottawa East, we love to inspire and inform. We know that a secret to a beautiful home is more than amazing flooring. That’s why we introduced our Designer Influencer Interview Series, to give you a peek at the latest trends in home design. Our latest interview features talented designer and blogger Temenouzhka Zaharieva of TrendOffice. You can follow Temenouzhka on Facebook.

What’s one of your favorite design pieces you have in your own home?

‘Design pieces’ is quite vaguely defined term – I always try to buy everything with good design. Most of the furniture at home is designed by me – part of the kitchen, dining room, some of the furniture in the living room, bedroom and children room, our walk-in cupboard, my desk. But if we talk about famous designers’ work, most of it is not readily accessible and that is the problem nowadays – we would like to have good design everywhere around us, but how many families can afford pieces by Urquiola or Marcel Wanders? Or the famous designer furniture by modern classics from the last century? Yes, we do have the beautiful Eames Molded Plastic Side Chairs with Eiffel Tower Base at home – the most popular designs from that period, but they are also some of the most widely imitated. Fakes are everywhere and people are forced to buy fakes just to be able to enjoy the idea of good design, using bad quality furniture. Good design should be more accessible.

What is your favorite design trend of 2016?

I am happy to find that pastels are still on trend no matter that Pantone and other colour companies are no more choosing one Colour of The Year, but sets of themes and colours. Still, pastels are part of them. And that is quite natural – we need the calmness they supply to our environment. And another staying trend that is my favorite – copper and copper hues. They are so warm and cozy. Based on my experience, I have my own prediction for a favorite Colour of The Year 2017. By following all the new products and events in the field of interior design, I think that we shall continue to see a direct connection between fashion and interior design and yellow will be a very popular colour next year...."
Thank you, Jordan, it is good to be able to share thoughts and ideas with your readers.
Read my earlier blog posts if you want to read about my expectations about Trends 2017.


Iridescent is the trend

to add a flicker of fun in your life. That is one of the interesting trends that we see in the last years in design, both, interior design and fashion. And it is a trend worth following because of the rich colours that create different moods - for yourself and  in your home. 
Rayon chenille scarf, 'Iridescent Green Pastels' (Guatemala)

Rayon chenille scarf Iridescent Rainbow Pastel (Guatemala)
Varanasi silk shawl Olive Grove (India)
An iridescent object creates interest in home decor and is a great center-piece, and also it is easy to combine with other elements of the interior design concept.
Oil Reed Diffuser by Tom Dixon Oil Reed Diffuser by Tom DixonLustre Flat Pendant by Tom Dixon Lustre Flat Pendant by Tom Dixon
Cindy Table Lamp by Kartell Cindy Table Lamp by Kartell
Opal Black Glass Mosaic Wall Tiles (Pack of 10)
Opal Black Glass Mosaic Wall Tiles (Pack of 10) - that is a certain way to declare your special attitude to design, whether at a whole wall or just as a detail it will definitely make your interior special.
This is a trend that Tom Dixon started probably a couple years ago with his  Iridescent series, and Patricia Urquiola created her  Iridescent glass collections.


For your smart home

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Interior Design Trends to expect for 2017

Plaid again is going to be one of the themes, at least in the early months of 2017. Which is a part of the overall design trend of deep connection between fashion and interior design.
Callie Plaid Midi Skirt, Red
Look at Bisazza's new mozaic:

and Ceramica Sant’Agostino's Tailorart collection:

For sure yellow, mustard and its more orange hues are going to be part of the colours of 2017 for interior design projects. How to use them? Let their warmth make you feel cozy and comfortable in the winter months with throws and pillows if you do not plan an overal home renovation with new tiles and mosaics.
Manchester Plaid Throw Manchester Plaid Throw
Regal Plaid Rust 16-Inch Square Throw Pillow
Regal Plaid Rust 16-Inch Square Throw Pillow
De Moocci Decorative Knitted Throw
De Moocci Decorative Knitted Throw


The perfect combination between blue and pink, metal and stone:

The perfect combination between blue and pink, metal and stone:
BUDRI | RABBET COLECTIONDesign by Patricia Urquiola
Rabbet Coffee Tables

Vases Rabbet
This is just a part of what she created with marble, but I like also that she combined it with copper.
'In the Age of Copper' is one of my favourite modern trends.