"Trends follow our direction of thought, expressing the mood of the present and the style of the future."


Perfect for both - indoor and outdoor

I like furniture which can be used outdoors in summer and indoors when we cannot spend more time out. Designs that are not obviously created for outdoors - like the Ami Ami Table and Ami Ami Chair.

Inspired by the play between the warp and the weft in cloth, their name in Japanese literally means “to weave”. They are designed by Tokujin Yoshioka who wanted to reproduce one of the stylistic icons typical of his country – weaving.
Another example is the Flux Folding Chair - an award-winning Dutch design by David Phillips. As you can see, it is made of cut sheet of sustainable polypropylene and is avaiable in eight modern colours to choose from.

And something a little glamourous - the new version of Masters Chair from the New design by Kartell at Salone 2014:
MASTERS GOLD_300dpi.jpg
Again polypropylene, but in a gold glossy finish, part of their key theme for this year - “Precious Kartell”. 
How do you like it?


Silk Light

Mesh light, source
Lotus light, source
They are created directly from the silk cocoons by Japanese products designer Yasuhiro Suzuki's Re Cocoon project - a series of silk’s structures directly moulded from silk cocoons.


Colour - the perfect way to freshen up your interior

The eye-catching colour scheme is the perfect way to freshen up your interior:

And you even don't have to paint your walls - it is enough to introduce in your rooms the bright colourful glass of a new lamp, group of vases, new tableware or furniture centerpice!Eames Hang-It-All Rack Eames Hang-It-All Rack

Bourgie Table Lamp by Kartell - one of the most popular lighting designs of the last several years that can introduce some ironic wink to the glamour of old days in an elegant modern way.

La Boheme Stool by Kartell Designed by Philippe Starck, the Kartell La Boheme Stool uses archetypal vase shapes to create unique (and sturdy) seating. It is made out of transparent polycarbonate available in a range of bold jewel tone colors and two different shapes, ideal for mixing and matching indoors and out. Also useful as a side table.

Acqua Art Glass Vase
Acqua Art Glass Vase
Spring Blossom Art Glass Vase
Spring Blossom Art Glass Vase
Or a beautiful colourful carpet, throw or pillows! This is the fastest way to add colour to your room, if we do not consider flowers :)


Green tea and lighting - what do they have in common?

If you did not know the story of creation of Patricia Urquiola's Chasen Suspension Lamp, you could hardly find any. Yes, it has interesting design, quite unusual:

This is elegant designer lamp made of stainless steel body and borosilicate diffuser with adjustable light emission. For its design Patricia Urquiola was inspired by the bulbous form of the Japanese matcha whisk used in preparing green tea! It requires defintely great talent to find the inspiration in such a simple object and to transform the whisk’s form into an exquisite illuminated object.

“Me, I was in love with all of the processes of using the bamboo pieces for the ceremony of tea,” Urquiola admitted in an interview to Azure Magazine after returning from a visit to Japan.
She has succeeded to recreate also the beauty, tranquility, and simplicity, the three main elements of a Japanese tea ceremony in the lighting design. 


A touch of glamour - today

Glamour and ‘luxury’ slowly return in interior design after years of economic crisis - we saw in April the New design by Kartell at Salone 2014: the famous Masters Chair, part of their key theme for this year, “Precious Kartell”, now in gold glossy finish. And many other Luxury new designs at Salone del Mobile 2014. One of my favourites is the Origami Table From The Earthquake 5.9 Series By Patricia Urquiola:
Origami Living Table, Onyx

 - an example of pure modern glamour! Along with the Crystal Rock Lights by Arik Levy for Lasvit:

 - they are like glowing gems!

So, if you would like to to add a touch of glamour in your interior design projects and are afraid to use a completly traditional style, you may start with some small elements like these above or a glamourous new light - like the Confident Form Pendant Light by The French Bedroom Company:
Confident Form Pendant LightMade from metal and finished on the inside with a distressed gold finish to reflect light across the room, it looks great in all styles of interior.
Or, you can invest in a contemporary spin on Art Deco styling like this gold console table with a bevelled-glass top:

Branching Out Gold Console Table

It is an elegant accent piece, quite in trend with the popular "Great Gatsby" look.


What is your type of bed?

 Do you like upholstered beds? Or you prefer beds with wooden frames? Some people like the beds with exquisite classic metal frames that remind them of old times, others - sofa-beds. Of course it is the comfort that is most important in the end, but we all have our stylistic preferences. And if we spend a third of our lives asleep, it stands to reason that our beds should be the best possible.
My idea of a cozy bed is the upholstered bed and also bed that combines several functions. Like this one - it combines the coziness of a sofa-bed and a canopy bed, but in a very modern design:

Ginevra Bed by Valdichienti Furniture

All of the different materials and designs have their own merits - upholstered headboards give you more comfort, while wooden headboards can give you sturdiness. And they all have their own charm.
Even if you don't plan to invest a lot to achieve your perfect style bed, you can give your tired old bed a new look with a sleek and stylish headboard - like this elegant design by Bedz R Us:
Janus Headboard
It is perfect for a beautiful modern bedroom. But if a client asked me for a classic style, I would choose something like this:

The Callisto Headboard would add a touch of elegance to any divan bed with its beautiful chrome finish completed with 2 crystal finials.
What sort of style do you prefer? For most of us, the bedroom is the sanctuary of the home, our place to relax, indulge and reflect and it deserves our efforts to make it as inviting and comfortable as possible.


Creating homy atmosphere with wood

What is the material that has always helped us make our homes more cozy? Wood, of course - no matter what style one prefers, wood adds warmth. Especially old wood. It has its charm and adding vintage furniture can give the scheme a rustic edge:

Dining room | Hamptons-style London terrace | House Tour | PHOTO GALLERY | Livingetc | Housetohome
Even in modern kitchens like this one it is the wood that makes it so cozy and inviting:

In this calming bedroom in neutral colour scheme it is the wood that makes it more balanced and adds warmth:
I like to use wood in the bedroom where the touch of wood is especially important - on the floor and for headboards and bedside cabinets, no matter if they are modern or more traditional, like this one of  Fortune Woods:

As you can see from the pictures above - wood is essential element of coziness, even without thick carpets or long curtains.

Beautiful home office design

As interior designer I am impressed with the beautiful use of materials and simple functionality of space organization:

DesignATAK 19 home office Vision of a Perfect Modern Country House in Moravia

DesignATAK 20 home office Vision of a Perfect Modern Country House in Moravia

This beautiful home office is designed by Brno based Design ATAK
A nice office to work in :) - what do you think?


Ideal for camping - TENT COT

It is that time of the year when many of us are on the road - one way or another. And a part of the people going on a vacation are definitely planning camping. If that applies to you may be these will be useful:Original Tent Cot Original Tent Cot Compact Tent Cot Compact Tent Cot
As a complete camping outfit you would not find a better alternative on the market. This gem sets up in a matter of seconds. It will comfortably sleep an average sized adult. Fully waterproof, it easily converts into a lounge or a chair for added versatility. Suitable for all camping applications, gem fossicking, hunting, angling or even as a spare bed for the RV or home. Kamp-Rite Gear Storage Bag - Clips under the TentCot to provide additional storage. Kamp-Rite Surf Board Bag - Securely connects underneath the?TentCot to provide a convenient hideaway for your surfboard whilst you rest. Kids Fun Cot in Pink Kids Fun Cot in Pink