A Bathroom Like no Other

Have you thought that we may have a bathroom with completely different forms of toilets and washbasins than the standard ones we are used with? If you want to be different from anyone else even with your bathroom design, then look at what the student from  Beckmans College of Design Liga Bulmiste has designed:
"Nature’s own forms and colours have been a powerful source of inspiration in creating these objects. Perfection of design already exists in nature and so I do not want to try to create new forms, but have borrowed and been inspired by rocks, sand and wind. I want to provide an earthy, calm and beautiful room to live and to breathe in."


EuroCucina 2018 - Trends

What is happening in the world of kitchens? According to the suggestions from the last EuroCucina during Milan Design Week 2018, the kitchen is becoming more and more part of the living room and dining area and the lines between them are getting blurred:
"+Venovo", Poggenpohl
And we will have more often a hidden kitchen:
Ernestomeda - Inside System
But what I like very much is the idea that the dining table gets attached to the kitchen island,
allowing you to change the working and dining area according to the needs.


Milan Design Week 2018 Trends - Too much brass

There was a lot of this material present everywhere during Salone 2018. Brass is beautiful - I like it, especially the sound that comes from brass instruments :) I like the subtle luxe it gives to an interior when used properly and mainly as accents...

Ghidini 1961

Image result for brass Milan design week 2018
3D Housing 05 by Arup and CLS Architects

Ghidini 1961

Boca do Lobo’s Design & Craftsmanship Story at Milan Design Week 2018 11 milan design week 2018 Boca do Lobo's Design & Craftsmanship Story at Milan Design Week 2018 Boca do Lobos Design Craftsmanship Story at Milan Design Week 2018 29

Stonehenge Console Table by  Boca do Lobo

Some companies succeed to use it in moderation, but when it is too much...


NYCxDESIGN 2018 - a Glimpse

 New York Design WeekNew York City’s annual celebration of design which attracts hundreds of thousands of attendees and designers from across the globe, started yesterday (May 11-23, 2018).
Let's have a glimpse:
One of Jeff Martin Joinery's EXCAVATED VESSELS debuting at Collective Concept at ICFF (source)
Alabaster Totem by Allied Maker

Harry Nuriev, founder of Crosby Studios, a Moscow-based interior design and architecture firm, will present a limited-edition home and clothing collection for fashion label Opening Ceremony. 
nycxdesign 2018 wanteddesign
Base 10 Furniture: UKB Chair by Jennifer Yoko Olson
WantedDesign announces Oliver Haslegrave as the 2018 recipient of the American Design Honors. Wave Shelf below is designed by his Home Studios:
Image result for Haslegrave e Wave shelf,


Trendoffice Product Picks from Milan Design Week 2018

The fair and all the events going at the same time are impossible to grasp and reflect thoroughly, but still, one can have some general impressions about new trends and ineresting new products, unexpected design solutions. Here are some of my picks:
Justine Cabinet by Matteo Cibic - one of his “wonder-objects” designed for JCP

 Yael Reboh's "Primavera" project - layer upon layer of veneer and fabric and the result is so unusually beautiful and probably very comfortable armachair! 

Atlas table by Hillsideout (Andrea Zambelli and Nat Wilms) in painted bronze and glass - Ventura Future

HELIX by Vener Lab - the stainless steel surface, helix-shaped, leans on the structure worked in a single piece of ghiandone stone, carved in the top.

Patricia Urquiola for Budri
Are you fascinated? :) I am - by the magic of designers'imagination. All these are products that mark design solutions beyond the usual way of thinking and product materials selection.
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