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TRENDOFFICE is included in another Best Interior Design Blogs list!

"There are tons of reasons why you should read the blogs of interior designers, and the most important reason is that these are the people that can help you turn your dreams into reality. Even though not many people consider interior designers to be very important, this is not how it should be. Interior designers have a great understanding of space and are very attentive to small details. These are the skills that most average people don’t have.
Interior designers have the capability to actually change the way a person lives, his or her mood and the entire atmosphere of the house. On top of this, they are also capable of making your home look exactly as you want it to."
So much agree! And thank you,Smashing Tops, for including me in your 20 Best Interior Design Blogs! I am so pleased to be among these impressive blogs that have proved to be for me, too, great source of good interior design ideas.
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Design of the Year 2015 - Human Organs-on-Chips

It appears that the time to use animals to test a product is over with the new Human Organs-on-Chips project which was announced as the overall winner of the annual Designs of the Year awards

Organs-on-Chips by the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering

source - Dezeen

It is developed by Donald Ingber and Dan Dongeun Huh from Harvard University's Wyss Institute and uses human cells to line its tiny microchip-like devices to mimic the complex tissue structures of human organs. The product is intended to be used for drugs and cosmetics testing, as well as for the treatment of infections and inherited diseases.Human organs on chips..
"The chips are clear polymers that contain hollow micro-channels lined with living organ cells and blood capillary cells that can be manipulated to replicate organ functions. The chips are a form of cell-culture, but a marked advancement on existing models in terms of their accuracy in predicting the effects of untested drugs on human organs. The longterm aim of the chips, once the technology is perfected, is to replace human and animal testing in medicine, speed up the discovery of new drugs, and decrease the cost and risk of such drugs' development." Disegno


Small batthrooms with great design

Great design is the design that can make use of even tiny spaces and create the atmosphere and function that let you forget about narrowness. Like these small bathrooms below:


Maple Street Design Studio


Design Miami 2015 - a glimpse

The design fair dedicated to collectible items for the home celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. And it shows that "..the appetite for collectible design keeps growing" said Design Miami chairman and founder Craig Robins at the opening press conference.
Let's have a look at some of the beautiful objects presented by galleries specialising in selling limited edition designs:

Jaime Hayon"Game On" Lamp - Green, 2015, Galerie kreosource
Zaha HadidVE-SEL 2015, 2015, Sarah Myerscough Gallery
Bae Se HwaSteam 25, 2015, SEOMI Internationalsource
gallery ALL at design miami/basel 2015
 gallery ALL - Brass Bowie chair | Brass collection, 2014
designed by Zhoujie Zhang, source
Marc DibehMirror 2, 2015, Art Factum Gallerysource
NUCLEO - Amethyst' stone fossil AP 1 - outdoor, 2015, Epoxy resin, pigment
Although these beautiful objects are created for people with higher than ordinary income, I like the fact that there is also a functional aspect to the pieces on display at Design Miami - for me that is the great importance of design-art.

Bar | Crates series, 2014
designed by Naihan li
edition of 12 / mirror-finished stainless steel, black walnut, 
I have designed a unique cupboard with a similar function - should I have offered it to the exhibitors of Design Miami? ;)


Тhe ‘smallest meeting space’

for the office design:

pearsonlloyd teknion neocon designboom
designboomphoto by John Ross

No, this is not a new version of the popular ‘love seat’  from the past. Although it answers an "age old typology that offers an intimate space for two to engage in conversation — enabling eye contact and  engagement through physical proximity. envisioned in a way as the ‘smallest meeting space’ you could invent, its arrangement is as natural as pulling up two chairs to talk. the ‘love seat’ only fulfills its function when more than one person is using it."
It is a part of the new a family of experimental furniture and accessories that respond to the changing landscape of the workplacedeveloped by  Pearsonlloyd for  Teknion and launched at NEOCON 2015:
pearsonlloyd reveal collection of workplace furniture for teknion at NEOCON 2015

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Trend alert: Making the office a home away from home

The new office design more and more tries to create relaxed, comfortable, even cozy atmosphere which is expected to inspire cerativity and improve results. At NeoCon 2015 a lot of the new furnure designs show this trend. One example I like very much is Patricia Urquiola's soft upholstered chair Poppy for Haworth 
with a backrest that can put the sitter into reposeful recline:

Noé Duchaufour Lawrance, another one from my favourite designers has created Colours, a seating system 

for Bernhardt Design:


LAZY armchair
- cozy and comfortable, ideal for resting and reading, it features curvy lines and an ample, snug seat. 


Step into Oblivion – experience the office in an entirely new way. Creating circular voids, versus a series of 

boxes, this pod is infinitely adaptable offering myriad spatial experiences for the user.
Naoto Fukasawa's  modular benches for Viccarbe are so soft rounded, cozy and flexible to use in multiple ways.
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Clever design

A clever way to 'force' kids learn mathematics and to let us, udults use our brains more ;)

To get the time, you have to calculate: Axel Schindlbeck has designed “Albert” with his companion Frederic Mauclere. Photo © Axel Schindlbeck (source)
„Airbag“: inflatable and disposable trash can for festivals by Axel Schindlbeck (source)
 foldable headphone “Collapsibles“. Photo © Axel Schindlbeck
As you can see, clever design is witty, functional, well thought and may help us live better! You can find a lot examples of such design here, in this blog :)

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Overlap of classical and conceptual

Vanishing Point 
'Basically, I make sculptures but they have to be practical,'explaines Dutch designer Sebastian Brajkovic on the occasion of his exhibition Vanishing Point which runs until 29 August at Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris. The sculptural furniture unifies art, craftsmanship, 3D printing, embroidery and mathematics:
Fibonacci, source

"Fibonacci, of course, gets its name from the Italian mathematician whose number sequence is closely related to the golden spiral, which is represented in nature by seashells and cyclones alike. Brajkovic's chair, meanwhile, presents the seat and back converging to replace two legs with a curling double tail. Instead of clay, he used 3D printing to create the cast. 'I had to be strong with this piece; there was a possibility that I wouldn't go on with it,' he confessed, relieved that it came out stable." Wallpaper

the Sleipnir bench
What do you think? How do you accept the idea of design-art in general?

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