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A Touch of Luxury - Onyx

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Onyx is one of my favourite materials for interior design projects - it is not only beautiful, it has softness and it is translusant, and that creates a feeling of a 3D effect. Enjoy some of my latest findings:
Green onyx kitchen inspiration #interiordesign #interiorarchitecture #inspiration
A kitchen entirely made of green onyx! source: CK Stones
Outstanding Onyx Home Decorations That Will Fascinate You

Onyx Bathroom Sinks ways to use natural stone onyx for modern interior design and decor
Corredor todo em mármore, mas ao fundo, o tipo ônix se destaca
Decor Fácil

Резултат с изображение за backlit onyx
Onyx Caramello Backlit Bar at The Grove Restaurant

 But even with this beautiful material it is possible to overdo things. I have seen a lot of such examples. Just make sure that when using onyx you leave it the only accent - it deserves to be the central piece in any interior project.

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