Like movie directors, designers are the keepers of the vision and build the interdisciplinary teams


"Celebrating the art of design"

This is the the welcoming text on the site of of Designlush

and it is so well describing their style - they show how imaginative sitting can be. Is this a sculpture or just a barstool? Its name is Infinity

Another one of my favourates:


Design is definitely striving to merge with art. Here is another very practical design object, treated like an art:
Concrete Art! San Francisco based 3D and visualization studio Transparent House Team presents its vision of the classic flooring material - concrete.
They have created a way to refine a popular element of contemporary interior design such as polished concrete flooring. The design concept allows for application of any pattern to the surface either when poring or afterwards when the concrete has set. The fine floral ornaments promotes the clean and simple character of the space while adding a touch of warm and live contrast and highlighting the cold austerity of the material.

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Ann said...

Wow that was such a nice stool.

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