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This blog is not the only place where you can read my posts about the latest in interior and furniture design, the most interesting trends and events in this firld - I am regularly posting also in one of the most interesting new on-line design magazines, Clippings.com. There I have posted about Interior Design Trends for 2013: Graphic Patterns and recently found that Materials Marketing™' - America’s oldest, largest and only fully integrated manufacturer of hand-carved architectural and dimensional stone  have quoted me in their post about The Chevron in Interior Design:
"European blogger, Temenouzhka Zaharieva, echoed these sentiments in clippings.com when she wrote, “patterns, and especially graphic patterns are making a steady comeback in interior design- from chevrons to stripes, and in every combination in between. They are an easy way to make a whimsical, bold statement and transform an ordinary interior into a space special and sophisticated.” "
Go there and have a look at their beautiful chevron like pattern using white marble from Vermont, called Montclair:

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