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Milan Preview 1

Frame Magazine has published a series of 6 up to now previews of the Milan Furniture Fair 2008. One of the most ionteresting new products seems to be the new chair Her by Fabio Novembre. As they say,

Fabio Novembre once more shows his obsession for the female body. Yet there is a
male version on its way, called Him. Her is made from polyethylene, available in
black and white and suitable for in- and outdoors.

But this is also another project that accents on the trend for a dissipating border between in and out - a number of interesting furniture collections that are equally comfortable and elegant to serve us both - at the veranda and in our living rooms. It was last year's B & B Cansta collection by Urquiola that seems to have started it, although Urquiola made aslo the Maia collection, designed exclusively for Kettal.

Another new product suitable for both in- and outdoors:

This multifunctional stool SOS by Josh Owenis made from polyethylene, available in black, white, blue, light brown and orange. The two elements attached to the seat can be used as cup-holders, handles or hooks. Turned upside-down it becomes a fun and unusual vase or container.

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anne.robert said...

Love HER ! Pinched it with a link to you on www.MyUrbanGardenDecoGuide.com

trendoffice said...
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trendoffice said...

yes, it is very impressive, I am waiting to see the HIM version!