The Hottest Cladding System - Heating and Acoustics in One

I expect that this is going to become the means of heating and soundproofing in most commercial interiors in the near future.

The Climacustic wall and ceiling cladding system combines the effectiveness of radiant heating with high acoustic performance. It consists of a phonoabsorbent panel joined by means of a thermal joint to a radiant plate and guarantees high output with low power consumption both for heating and cooling. It takes also advantage of the sound-absorption features resulting from the expertise of the company in the field of architectural acoustics. From the technical point of view, the temperature of the radiant plates is controlled by circulating inside of it of a thermal carrier fluid at a temperature which is slightly different from the one of the surrounding environment.

Compared to the traditional air-conditioning systems, the advantage of
Climacustic is that it can be used also for sound-absorption purposes with a
double comfort, besides improving the level of well-being thanks to the even
temperature in the environment and to the almost total absence of heat

design: Centro Ricerche Fantoni, Gruppo Fantoni

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