Fashion Brands’ Home Lines taking over Salone del Mobile - again

As my regular readers already know, the mutual influence between fashion and interior design is one of my favourite themes in this blog. And for a reason - every year we are seeing it grow. The most recent example - Milan Design Week 2018: some of the most exclusive fashion designer labels were presenting their new luxury home objects for the sixth year. What I liked very much:

André Fu’s "Ribbon Dance Chair" for Louis Vuitton's collection of Les Petits Nomades
Louis Vuitton -  Humberto & Fernando Campana's "Tropicalist Vase" 
Marni “La Vereda”
 Fendi Cucine, architect Marco Costanzi

Find more about Milan design Week 2018 and expect further interesting news from there in the coming weeks. A detailed report is available on request.

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