Interior Design Trends 2018 - Part 1

I will post each trend separately so that I can add new designs each time they appear to prove this trend expectation.
One trend that started this year will for sure continue to be quite alive in the coming 2018 - the new love for velvet, showing our desire to indulge in more luxury. We saw it in April at Milan Design Week 2017:
The Ample Chair, Sebasrtian Herkner

Bomboca Sofa by the Campana Brothers
We see it also in the new collection of GTV - a sofa I would definitely love to have at home and use in other client's projects. It is a symbol of modern and at the same time classical elegance and luxury:
 Promenade - design by Philippe Nigro
And in the new red Nola Chair by TRISS:

Looking at this selection you may guess what my second trend will be - stay tuned.

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