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Hanging sculptures of light


This is high design in lighting - more and more designers try to create impressive lighting that not only serves its function to illuminate our interiors, but also to become the centerpiece that captures our attention. We saw several great examples of this trend at the last Milan Design Week this month. An immaterial sculpture of light is the new WIREFLOW 0300 Design by :

photo inspired
Not less impressive is the new Flow chandelier by Nao Tamura for WonderglassEach piece has its own shape, and hanged in multiples, they create a sculptural display of lighting:
 Photo: Flow — Nao Tamura

‘Flow' is a contemporary chandelier.
Each piece enjoys its own shape, and in multiples, they create a sculptural display of lighting.
It was Ingo Maurer that first impressed me with his sculptural and unusual use of paper:

This is near view of his popular Jimken pendant light:

And today I came accross this beautiful new design by Anke Neumann that combines paper with fibre-optics:

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