Fashion and Interior Design - more on the theme

Regular readers of my blog know that one of my favorite themes is the interesting relations between fashion and interior design. And this is not just the formal pattern connection, but trends and styles, materials, etc. The fact is that they continue to influence each other  with fashion houses getting into interior design and furniture designers and architects applying their talent into the sphere of fashion.
I just came accross a site that is created with the idea about this connection between the two spheres of design, showing directly the corresponding similiarities. Here below is one of those I liked very much:

How fresh it is to use rose motifs on white background both - on your dress and on your couch :)
Another interesting StylePair from their collection: 

And now we see another expression of this trend fashion classics for the floor. Corgan Associates and Mannington Commercial  have reinterpreted the classic fashion textiles patterns houndstooth, tweed, hexagons, and more into modular carpets:



How do you like the idea? An attempt to make office life more fun?

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