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Salone - This Time Every Year

I am sure I am not alone - many of us, who live with design, are thinking the same - shall we ever again gather at Salone like before? Can we again experience the richness of real Design Weeks? Or we shall get used to hybrid events like they are now? I hope - not: it is completely different to see the atmosphere in Milan in April! Enthusiastic people walking for hours from exhibition to exhibition, trying to catch everything, or at least most of the available new inspirations. And celebrating design!

I am sharing some of the photos that remind us what we had :)

Celebrating Leonardo and his genius
Celebrating Kartell's anniversary

Unusual designs at Rossana Orlandi

Tonon stand
A glimpse to the entrance


Claudio Luti answering our questions at the Red Lounge - one of the best areas of Salone :)

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