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Lighting with Impressing Design

Lighting is one of the favourate playgrounds of designers - and that has a reason. Lighting is a special part of interior design - each product has at least a double function: as a source of light and as piece of decoration. But as such each light source can influence mood and style both - through its appearance and through the type of light it emmits.
A single piece of lamp can make a difference in a room:
Don't try looking for vermilion accents on the gold, black, or mirrorcan ed surface of Bruno Rainaldi's A Touch of Red for (Hint: Check out the cord.)

(source: Interior Design Magazine)

Toobe Floor LampThe Kartell Toobe Table Lamp, designed by Ferruccio Laviani, was concieved from the idea that the use of an acrylic extruded tube could, according to length, become either a floor or table lamp. Thanks to innovative coloring technology, Toobe is the first Kartell product to be faded to permit a special light to be diffused within the cylinder. Toobe is simple and modern and the handle in the lamp body makes the pole shape functional and easy to move. Kartell, a design leader in originality, durablility and new technology, is the first design company to mass produce what has traditionally been hand made. The Kartell Toobe Table Lamp is available with the following: Polycarbonate diffuser. Transparent or Colored Acrylic frame.UL Listed.
Designed by Ferruccio Laviani.Options: Color: Blue, Crystal, Green, Orange, or Red.

Ninety Task Light

Ninety Task Light

Design by Shawn Littrell. The world's most energy-efficient LED task light. Four high-powered LED's illuminate the task area as the asymmetrical light distribution ensures optimal ergonomic lighting. A spring-balanced arm, rotating base and sleek head give the Ninety excellent range of motion. Ninety supplies a great deal of light even though it consumes very little energy, 7.8 watts. The secret is an advanced system of lenses which guide the light effectively towards your workspace. This reduces the risk of glare. The LED's that are used produce a comfortable color of light that renders colors well. It is easy to adjust Ninety to make the light fall where you need it. A spring-balanced hinge in the base allows the arm to be moved back and forth. The shade is easy to turn and the specially developed base contains two separate bearings for easy adjustment. Electronic transformer located on plug.

2008 Winner of Contract magazine s Best of NeoCon Gold award and Buildings magazine s Innovations Grand Prize award for energy efficiency.

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