Trendoffice Product Picks from Milan Design Week 2018

The fair and all the events going at the same time are impossible to grasp and reflect thoroughly, but still, one can have some general impressions about new trends and ineresting new products, unexpected design solutions. Here are some of my picks:
Justine Cabinet by Matteo Cibic - one of his “wonder-objects” designed for JCP

 Yael Reboh's "Primavera" project - layer upon layer of veneer and fabric and the result is so unusually beautiful and probably very comfortable armachair! 

Atlas table by Hillsideout (Andrea Zambelli and Nat Wilms) in painted bronze and glass - Ventura Future

HELIX by Vener Lab - the stainless steel surface, helix-shaped, leans on the structure worked in a single piece of ghiandone stone, carved in the top.

Patricia Urquiola for Budri
Are you fascinated? :) I am - by the magic of designers'imagination. All these are products that mark design solutions beyond the usual way of thinking and product materials selection.

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