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Pineapple Tumbler 12oz Copper

Those small additions that make the indiwiduality and character of a room are easy to use and readily available around - just have a look and choose the ones that make you feel good. Here below are some I have selected from Fab's home decor picks:
Rainbow Wave Pillow

Rainbow Wave Pillow

Psychadelic Pillow
Psychadelic Pillow by One Bella Casa
They match perfectly with the Horn Shade Aurora &  Black Cord by Shelter Bay below:
Horn Shade Aurora & Black Cord

Eyes and Lashes Pillow

This Eyes and Lashes Pillow by Bonnie Christine above matches perfectly the 

Ceramic Fluted Vase Matte Nude by Bloomingville US
There are many other wallpapers, small furniture items and decorations that can help you make your home cozy, stylish and inviting - make your choice :)

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