Easy Christmas Decoration

Rustic christmas
Everyone likes to create their own Christmas centerpiece and decoratiing is part of the holiday joys, but still I like to share the ideas that inspire me - they may become your inspiration, too :)
Happy Christmas! Here is our lovely London Doctor's knocker being used to hang the decorations. http://www.priorsrec.co.uk/london-doctors-brass-door-knocker-/p-3-24-25-67:

easy cranberry centerpiece
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great christmas tree saving decor 20 Brilliant Christmas Tree Conserving Concepts

Industrial Living Room With White Sofa and Neon Light Feature
An elegant and pure white Christmas ensemble. You can design your centerpiece with white candles, white flowers and white cotton plants that you can recreate yourself with help of twigs and Styrofoam balls to make them last longer.

I like the possibility to decorate with natural and edible materials.
Christmas centerpieces
Very creative snowman wreath using twigs, ribbons and Christmas balls. Throw in a hat and scarf and you have yourself a merry snowman on your front door.
Let your imagination guide you :)

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