More "Recession-Friendly" Design Ideas

It is interesting to observe what reactions economic crisis provokes in our way of thinking and what designers' solutions appear. In one of her latest interviews trend forecaster Li Edelkoort is convinced that "creativity will help us emerge":
"Design will always be able to find new scenarios. Once you’re creative you’re not afraid, you will always be able to make something out of nothing, improvise, find solutions."
I began posting about recession-friendly design and think that it will be definitely a trend of the near future. Re-using products - like Reestore’s inventive recycled washing machine table with embedded lighting Silvana (above) - and materials will become more and more popular
I do welcome Platform21's Repair Manifesto that opposes throwaway culture and celebrates repair as the new recycling. Great initiative! But that does not mean we should forget about aesthetics. Is it worth repairing a plastic chair? Like in the Reanim: 5.5 designers project - right. For it Sauvez les meubles (save the furniture) designed a special repair kit, consisting of a prosthetic chair leg and elastic.
I hope that creativity will not only help us emerge, but will also confirm the value of good craftsmanship, exquisite details implementation and natural materials.

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