Smart Deco - A Period Room of the 21st Century - the new Crochet Chair

I like that title! A great way to establish oneself as a founder of a whole century style! Could be, who knows, but the new Crochet Chair that Marcel Wanders showed for the first time at the Smart Deco - A Period Room of the 21st Century event is really beautiful! A seat constructed from individual, hand-sewn crochet flowers stitched together, formed over a mould and stiffened with resin - it uses the same technique used for his famous Crochet Table, manufactured by Moooi.

Another addition to the "LACE" trend - one of the major trends that appeared at the begining of the 21st century in the area of interior design.

As you can see both of them constitute a major part of the furnishings in the 21st Century Period Room plan...

More about the event:

Ten of Europe's most innovative designers and artists were asked to
collaborate on a period room of the twenty-first century. All designers were
given complete freedom to create furniture and objects, with a common commitment
to engage the viewer and to build works of the highest quality.
Smart Deco is
an authentic expression reflecting the zeitgeist of contemporary design, as well
as timeless necessity. We live in dynamic times in which boundaries are
dissolved, and smart solutions are integrated with traditional styles, materials
and techniques. Cutting-edge design has come a long way from the premise of
functionality. Smart Deco intends to build a platform for designers creating art
and for artists creating design.
Selected Works By
Maarten Baas
Joris Laarman
Sophie Lachaert
Chritopher Pearson
Tjep. (Frank Tjepkema & Janneke Hooymans)
Niels van Eijk &
Miriam van der Lubbe
Atelier van Leishout
Marcel Wanders

via: Design Miami and dezain.net

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