The "LACE" Trend: No more sewing - Tord Boontje

The new "LACE" Trend that establishes itself during the last year brings again the beauty of hand-crafting from the old times into the 21st century, but with the help of the latest technologies. This fusion of old styles and modern technologies seems to become the major characteristics of the new century.

One of the first designers who re-introduced the 'lace' in modern interiors was Tord Boonje. This curtain is made from laser-cut Tyvek, a very strong synthetic paper material. It can be hung with the double sided tape endings on the top over a wire. With scissors one can cut it to the desired length. The photo is the "Easy Living" magazine's offer for dressing windows without real curtains.

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Anonymous said...

I love the white lace. I think paper has a lovely soft and dreamy look -sort of like fresh falling snow.

Anonymous said...

I've been following your posts regarding lace and it has helped me to make a decision regarding a fabric choice for window treatments -not exactly lace but certainly a lace like look in an old fashioned Damask normally used for table cloths in white -but I'm using a soft blue for window treatments in a very ecelctic space with simple clean lined architecture and dark brown walls.

trendoffice said...

It will be interesting to see the result!

eugenie said...

ik vind die tekening heel mooi die met de gordijn

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