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Happy Anniversary to Patricia Urquiola!


Among the absolute protagonists of contemporary design, Patricia Urquiola is no doubt one of the most talented and prolific designers of the world. And today she celebrates her 60th anniversary -
 Happy Birthday! 
As if for a great birthday present her Nuez Lounge BIO® created for Andreu World has recently been awarded a Red Dot prize for Product Design:

Following her work for many years, I have numerous posts in this blog dedicated to her wonderful elegant designs, as well as several articles about Urquiola in the press. She magically transforms wastes from marble into something unexpected like her Agua Collection: 

Her designs are feminine and practical, often inspired by nature:

And almost always have their own story.
Hers is The most elegant industrial style bathroom and some of the most cozy hotel interiors, like the wonderful Il Sereno, where she has designed everything:

And many more inspiring designs!

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