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Easy Refreshing (and 25% discount code!)

Are you intending to refresh your room? To make it look different, more interesting, unique, but... if this can be achieved without much hastle or time involved? I can suggest one of the best solutions - a large canvas print of the theme you want to introduce:
A corner of my sons' room

Our dining room area
I just received my Penthouse Window View canvas print from Photowall and was planning to hang it above the bed in my sons room. Then decided to check how it will look in our dining room corner - and liked it so much! An instant new mood!
Now I am wondering which place to choose. 

So, if you are looking for a way to add a different atmosphere in any one of your rooms, check the thousands possibilities on Photowall - you can have a custom wallpaper or print that reflects you own personality. The most strong transformation can, of course, be achieved with wallpaper on one of your walls, but that probably will require a little more time and some rearrangement. For me the canvas print was the easier solution for the moment, although I can imagine how well I would feel if I use a tranquil designer woods wallpaper in my bedroom.

But, for my readers  Photowall is giving this 25% discount code which will be valid for a month: trendoffice2020.  Don't wait - use it!

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