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London Design Festival 2018 - interesting new designs

15 - 23 September 2018
chair ‘Iklwa’, design Mac Collins at 100% design
Leading bathroom brand VitrA participates for the first time in designjunction,one of the main destinations of the London Design Festival. The first bathroom brand to ever exhibit at the show, VitrA has chosen designjunction to launch Plural:

Punkt (a Swiss technology company established by Petter Neby in 2008) has released the second edition of its mindful mobile telephone at London Design Festival:

source: Wallpaper
"...a phone geared around speaking, through great ergonomics with excellent audio quality. Unlike smartphones it won’t pester you with notifications during a conversation. It doesn’t roast the side of your face, either. ..."
London Connoisseur presents ‘Blurring Boundaries’:

Danny Lane - Emerald Table

and one of my favourites:
The Bastone collection, design: Antrei Hartikainen 2018 For POIAT Products Oy
Just a few - more will follow soon, so come, visit my bloig again.

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