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Trend Alert: Brass in the kitchen on a large scale

I saw this Hot new kitchens trend  coming during my visit at Salone last April and today I found a very beautiful confirmation for it at Nordic Design News:

"Brass in the kitchen is in - and we're not just talking about the faucets anymore..." 
Form 45, Multiform, by Danish designer Henrik Witt

As they describe it, their kitchen Form 45 will "not only be aesthetically superb, but also of a quality, that ensures your kitchen will last. The joy of genuine quality is ever-lasting." The combination of natural wood with brass is so elegant and warm! With great design and exquisite detailing, all edges beveled with diagonal cuts at 45 degrees, this kitchen is a real modern classic!

It introduces a whole new approach to kitchen design in general - we don't have the traditional counter here made of a different material from the one of the island itself. 

A real luxury!

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