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A treasure house of design ingenuity

This is a house which surprises you at every step - one after another you discover a design piece that is a real ingenious transformation. And all of them - a great example of clever recycling and re-use, but not only that - they are great design, too!

Close to Amsterdam, a young group of nonconformist Dutch architects imagined a 100% green house, nestled in nature. Recycling, humor and imagination. Photos: Robert Holden  via
Take a look at every object and notice what it is made of! My favorite is the armchair - it is legant and obviously comfortable! I am only wondering how they keep the chandelier clean, but still, it is a great design piece. The bookcase is definitely a unique design!

This is an example of perfect eclectic coordination of objects and materials, in addition to to its recycling value :)

And this one is an example of perfect architectural and designer work with a just the perfect degree of humor.

Bathroom is my favorite - it is warm, romantic, modern, elegant

and eclectic with tasteful coordination of unthinkable combination of objects :)

Congratulations, Denieuwegeneratie!

1 comment: said...

This place is beautiful. I like the creativity. My fave is the skateboard stairs. Great combination of objects. So unique!

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