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Art Furniture in Office Design and for Your Home

In times of economic crisis design tends to solve problems rather than create unique art that requires considerable investments. But exactly in such gloomy time we need the inspiration of art in order to go through it and see the 'silver lining'.
This is a unique sculptural table that I came across today, suitable for the most artistic office in the world! Great work! The fusion of glass with the elm wood is so natural and elegant! I have posted about great office design products, but this is the most impressive one!

Its name is Ulmus Impudicus by the artist Danny Lane and was created in 2007 from Booked burr elm, aluminium, Colour glass — China Red
H72 x L500 x W188cm

For my home I would choose his Nv Wa Forged, flame cut steel, Colour glass tables (above) - aren't they the best focal point for any room?

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