Interior Design Trends that will stay in 2018

As I said earlier, it is obvious that velvet will continue to be one of the favourite textiles this year, too. But it goes quite well with the Art deco style that was revived a few years ago, especially with the new versions of The Great Gatsby. We see all this in the new releases of Longwave by Diesel with Moroso

and Promenade by Philippe-Nigro for Thonet:

Soft, rounded forms in furniture - which is obvious from both examples above and below:
Isole sofa system for @andtradition, designed by Luca Nichetto and Nendo
Miami 2017

Terrazzo - this wonderful new/old material will continue to be widely used, because of the numerous possibilities it gives for interior designers, architects and decorators:
3D printed floorFor the very first time, design label Aectual presents their first product: a 3D printed floor. The floor combines bio 3D printed patterns with a biobased terrazzo infill
OliviaAspinall Studio, London Design Festival 2017
These are just a few from the interior design trends that are probably to stay in 2018, too, and may inspire you for your new home or home renovation. 

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