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Fashion and Interior Design - how much in common?

It is a fact that new trends in interior design often come from fashion and that is quite natural - we want to have the latest and the most interesting from the catwalks on our sofas and walls and curtains...We rememeber how the fusion trend and the lace trend began, but what I notice now is the opposite influence - the pictures opposite and below are from the Fall 2007 Ready-to-Wear preview via
White-and-black fur-trimmed jacquard, contrasting black-and-white graphics, flowers and swirls - this is one of the main themes in the current interior design style.
Now we can see it present in almost all collections for the coming fall season. Interesting. It is probably just a global mood floating in the air and influencing designers from all fields. Even on-line. Just have a walk through the blogoshere.

Proenza Schouler collection

This is from Marcel Wanders and the the Moooi Boutique concept shown for the 1st time at Milan Firniture Fair last spring and launched this January.

Carolina Hererra and Oscar de la Renta

Bloomy by Patricia Urquiola for Mosroso
Garden Carpet flooring

It is really interesting to watch how the similar patterns and themes work in different fileds of application. I remember also how the pink colour reigned everywhere several years ago, but this black-and-white graphics trend seems to be even stronger - both in fashion and much more in interior design - at least for the moment. Or not?


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Здравей! Приятно е да срещнеш друга българка в интернетпространството. Твоите страници много ми харесаха, и сигурно ще ги посещавам често.

trendoffice said...

Благодаря ти!

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