The Colours for 2018 in Interior Design

I am pleased to find that the one colour of the year trend is slowly disappearing. It is obvious that this was quite superficially elected. Yes, it is true that for certain periods we can see an incresed presence of some colour and its hues both - in fashion and interior design, but it is much more realistic to say that we saw for a very long period of time a prefernce for pastel colours everywhere, rather than dominance of a single colour.  And now it is time to enjoy a more bright colour selection that some companies have suggested.

Yet, naming color of the year is obviously a successful business that more and more companies fight to jump on the bandwagon.  "Many of these companies have reported sales increases for products in that specific color as well as across the board. They also report increased traffic to their physical and online stores." writes  DIANA BUDDS in fastcodesign.com - a good analysis that I agree so much with. The article is on the occasion of the announcement of  Ultra Violet, also known as Pantone 18-3838 to be the 2018 colour of the year.  
They have their explanation and logic, but any other shade of purple could fit within them, according to me. Anyway, we saw a lot of violet and purple on the runway, too - as always, fashion and interior design have common inspiration:
Dries Van Noten Spring 2018
Dries Van Noten Spring 2018

Image result for Marni, fall 2017Image result for Marni, fall 2017Related image
Marni, fall 2017, Vivetta Fall 2017
But I am pleased to see other inspirational colour choices and combinations offered by other colour companies - we need variety of ideas and freedom of choice.  We saw Caliente - Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2018 for the Home wich is vibrant and fresh, especially as and accent

Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2018: Caliente AF-290-design addict mom
source: dezeen

and we saw what Sherwin Williams chose for 2018 - Oceanside:

A colour that leads us far away from the Pastels trend from the last several years, but the choices of Dulux - Heart Wood:

Heart Wood се комбинира чудесно с топлия шоколадово кафяв цвят.

and  Behr In The Moment are also in the pastels group:
In the Moment - Behr za 2018

But  Behr offers also a 2018 Trend palette along with our 2018 Color of the YearAll Color Samples

We are going to see even more colour ideas at the coming international design events in January - so stay tuned, I am going to publish soon a post about Trends in Interior Design for 2018, and feel free to express yourself without limitating to one colour and its hues :)

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