QUILTED Coziness

Quilting is a tool that instantly provides coziness to any type of furniture - even on a simple dining chair:
Image result for quilted dining chair
Dumbo dining chair (Go Modern Furniture)
But on armchairs and sofas the result is much better:

CLEO Designed by Archirivolto

Image result for rossin cleo

One of the designers who knows this very well and uses it quite often in her designs is Patricia Urquiola. Here are some of my favorites: La colección Husk de Patricia Urquiola
 Redondo for Moroso

Bohemian chaise longue for Moroso

Quilting is another trend in furniture design borrowed from fashion where it was on trend a couple of years ago and for this fall we see it again:
Stella McCartney, The Autumn/Winter 2017 Trends, Vogue UK 
Although I like her style, I think that this is probably one of her worst designs.

How do you like it?

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